It is finally here!! ~~~ ART BASEL 2015 ~~~~

Check out the full Facebook event for my open art house here and reserve your tickets AQUÍ.

Basel2015 // Vapor wave inspiration


The man behind my vapor wave dreams... Felipe Pantone ❤❤❤❤ in the Mirus Gallery @ SCOPE

Perrier X CANVAS: Your Body is a Canvas


I had an amazing experience this past weekend at CANVAS in West Palm Beach; I met and interviewed talented and soulful artists and participated in audience-interactive events all celebrating local art. And then I wrote it all down to share with you. :)

Read my full recap here.

Perrier X CANVAS: Secret Walls


Your Body Is A Canvas seamlessly transitioned into Secret Walls, a popular live art competition well known for its events all over the globe. The rules are simple; two artists are given their own 25-foot wall to transform in whichever way they see fit (to an extent). The catch: they only have 90 minutes to produce something magical, in front of a live audience...........


Check the full article on the Perrier website

Perrier X CANVAS: Q&A with Jean-Luc Moerman


AQ: How do you feel about color? Why do you choose the colors you use in your pieces?

JLM: It’s like, the colors [you need] a black light to see, the ones that do not exist in the natural world. They might be some chemicals, or birds, or the colors of in the depths of the ocean, but you don’t see dogs or cats like that. Those colors demand attention.

AQ: Is this your first time in the U.S.?

JLM: 10 years ago I lived in New York, but I prefer living here [South Florida]. It’s not really America, it feels South American; it’s special.


Read more

Perrier X CANVAS: Q&A with Zeus


AQ: Have you been to West Palm Beach before?

Z: Um, I came here for one day with Nicole from the [CANVAS] gallery, but this time I’ve been here for four weeks and it’s great. Everyone’s really friendly.

AQ: What was it like when you were growing as a young artist?

Z: I grew up doing subway art and graffiti art and then I moved into street art around the same time Banksy and those other guys in the U.K. started doing it. So I was a part of that movement, which was during a time when street art was very much considered nothing more than paint on a wall.  Then in the 90’s I started doing backdrops for clubs in London.


.............Check the full interview here!

Perrier X CANVAS: Q&A with Sean Yoro AKA Hula


Jump in a jacuzzi with Sean Yoro. An interview from CANVAS.

Catch the interview aquí.

Open Art House {Art Basel 2015}


The art of living.... My art house opens its doors for a quick preview tomorrow from 6-10 PM, I cannot wait to see you there...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Very thankful today and everyday for the sun, the moon, my people, and music.

give miami day: let’s do some good


Let's do something good today ♥  ‪#‎GiveMiamiDay‬ is live! 24 hours of giving has already started. Please help and support Style Saves - all donations from $25 to $10,000 will be matched by a percentage from the Miami Foundation. Time is running out and your support means everything to us. Join the movement and be part of South Florida's largest day of giving. ‪

Get all the details and find out how you can give back : bit.ly/GiveMiamiDaySS



My art house grand opening is fast approaching....can't wait for you to join the magic

Perrier // Funkshion X Style Mafia


This past week I had the pleasure of producing the back of house for my dear friends at Funkshion for Fashion Week Miami Beach, which took place this year at The Setai. Over the years Funkshion and I have developed this beautiful symbiotic relationship that has allowed us to grow together. Working with Funkshion has been and always will be a magical experience, and these shows were no different....

Read my full recap for Perrier here :)

Nina Surel: Sailing to Byzantium


Here's a quick pic of me and beauty Nina Surel at her Sailing to Byzantium opening reception... Endlessly proud of her 


☆*.・(*ゝ∀・*)ノ ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ (✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿)

Nina Surel: Sailing to Byzantium


I am extremely honored to be able to work with such talented friends... Congrats to Nina Surel on her Art Basel opening last week. Located at the Valli Art Gallery from November 5-20, Sailing to Byzantium is a translation of William Butler Yeats' poetic allegory of aging into an imaginary physical and spiritual journey using sculpture, installation, sound, and video. I had the pleasure of creating this beauty fashion look for her show and I am so proud of her and how her exhibition evolved. She beautifully encaptured our desire as humans to obtain an everlasting essence in this world and I cannot wait to see her grow even further.

YOU’RE INVITED….to my open art house


For Art Basel 2015 I transformed my house into a psychedelic oasis that defies the boundaries and standards of a typical art exhibition. Open your mind & get weird with me... forever chasing the HAI


Check out the full details here.

time flies when you’re getting weird


Old license picture I found... It's crazy how the years go by so fast, but you'll still never be able to guess my age ;)


Moisturize, hydrate, stay out of the sun, and you will never get wrinkles...

quotesbyaileen: sunday motivation


Trying to get as much SUN out of this Sunday as possible, while also continuing production for Basel...it's all about balance; you can do it all. Watching the sunrise and sunset keeps me grounded and in sync with the Earth. 

ProductionsByAileen // McD Couture by the Art Institute


With fashion week in full swing, last night I produced the back of house for the Art Institute's McD Couture. The students of the Institues had an assignment to create a couture line using only food containers, bags, and receipts from McDonald's, and some of the pieces were ingenius. I was very impressed at the creativity that went into the design and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these young deisgners. The key artist was the beautiful and talented Virgina Diez, who's hardwork and dedication shines in all that she does. Another beautiful show in the books!

tgif: thank god i’m freaky


Using this weekend to allow myself further absorbed into production for Art Basel 2015... announcement coming soon >:-)

ProductionsByAileen // Etnos


As a back of house producer for Funkshion, this week I have the pleasure and opportunity to manage the beauty aspect of Funkshion Fashion Week SS16. This includes last night's Etnos show at the Setai, which went brilliantly. It's wonderful to constantly be surrounded by so many creative minds, but especially key member of my team, Lolita Benjamin. She is a talented artist who did an incredible job leading MakeupbyAileen's production and I am so proud of her.



it's coming, baby.....

weird wednesday


Today, the weather was beautiful. Native floridians have this unique and innate ability to sense the minute seasonal changes that occur in the Sunshine State, and today felt like fall. Simply feeling happy to be alive; it's all a matter of duality. You must understand that to truly enjoy the eurphoric highs you must survive the agonizing lows. There is no halfway.

Perrier // the scene: bay skate miami


‘Twas the night before Halloween and what better way to celebrate than to convert Bayfront Park in Miami into a vibrant skating rink? Rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, and even a few wheelchairs were decked out in LED lights as classic All Hallow’s Eve jams and classic throwbacks vibrated throughout the park and the smells from the various food trucks created a spicy aroma in the air.

Catch my full recap here!

ProductionsbyAileen // Louis Vuitton SS16


Today I had the pleasure of being the key hair + makeup artist for Louis Vuitton's SS16 show. Great show and great team! xx

A monday thought


who are you to not be everything you've ever dreamed of? You cannot control what happens to you, but you are accountable for how you handle your circumstances. Be proactive, not reactive and find your HAI

make time for yourself


Don't be too busy killing the game that you forget to take care of yourself. Avocados, moisturization, yoga, and music are the elixirs of life.

happy halloween!


A neo-alien....transmitting live from a parallel universe to remind you to get wEiRrrDd $$$

the fun begins with yrstrly….


Happy Halloweekend my aliens! The time when the freaks come out to play...but you know everyday is Halloween in my world.

~~Stalking the night at Bay Skate in Bayfront Park, where my ninja of the night look could not have been complete without the help of YRSTRLY~~

Always chase the sun


Catching some rays at Pérez Art Museum Miami 

Happy Weekend from me + P.A.M.M. contempos


What better way to end a busy week than to unwind with a meeting at the Peréz Art Museum Miami. It's being productive and enriching your soul....it's about balance my friends. 




so happy for my girl POORgrrrl ... love the new video hair/makeup ‪#‎makeupbyaileen‬ .... plus i was lucking enough to be able to part the party as a gothic mermaid ( you know normal ) CC: Space Tapes

TRIPTIC is the first three songs from POORGRRRL's upcoming EP PITIPARTI due in late November, produced by DJ Buddy Boy

check out the video -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyPOz140Jyw&feature=youtu.be&t=5m16s

philosophy 101 with Aileen


Always be open and allow life to flow through you not happen to you

I chase the sun and the moon... & i dance among the stars

TravelsByAileen // Real Deal Crew Takes Medellin


What better way to spend a weekend than with great friends doing great things in a great place? Colombia was almost as beautiful as my crew or the smiles on the children's faces at the orphanages. Medellin is a huge and mystical city and the 12 of us took it by storm. 


A HUGE thank you to Monica Lopez from the GM Sisters and Luis Valle for donating the supplies that allowed me to give something tangible to the children of these orphanages. I am endlessly thankful for you two and for Style Saves and Junior and Hatter for the incredible opportunity.

TravelsByAileen // Columbia : Casa de Maria y El Niño


On Sunday (Oct.25th) we go to visit Casa de Maria y El Niño, an orphanage in El Poblado which houses 61 children, ages newborn to 8. There I was given a wall to design a mural to do with the children, and each one got to paint a brick. I gained so much inner peace from the entire experience, getting to be with people I love and teaching young souls about the work I love. Style Saves organized the entire trip so well, and everywhere we went our group just maintained this positive aura. It was the perfect vacation.

TravelsByAileen // Columbia : Casa Nazareth


I am still feeling the afterglow of my amazing mission trip to Medellin, Colombia this past weekend. I had the opportunity to volunteer one day at Casa Nazareth, an orphanage in Santa Elena, housing 31 students aged 2 – 14. I teamed up with Style Saves and brought clothing, accessories, hygiene kits, arts & crafts supplies to all the kids while Junior & Hatter provided them with fresh new haircuts. It was an incredible experience to do something good while being surrounded by great friends and beautiful people.



SO awesome to have Haileen's III Points photos featured on Fun Magazine's home page. It has been an incredible experience getting to work with them and I can't wait to see what we create together.

check it out on their full site.



World Red Eye’s Cultural Exchanges


Fun with friends at the Pérez Art Museum! meow

World Red Eye’s Cultural Exchanges


Presented by Perrier-Jouët and Absolut Elyx, World Red Eye's Cultural Exchanges was a one-time discussion observing Miami's nightlife culture and the vital role the trailblazers of the city have played in it's transformation. It was wonderful to see so many people with passion and love for Vice City congregate in such a Church of Art such as the Pérez Art Museum.

TravelsByAileen // Columbia


This Friday I'm flying out of MIA and out to Columbia with StyleSaves and Junior + Hatter for a mission trip. We'll be visiting several orphanges in the city of Medellin, where I will have the privilege of teaching beautiful little minds the Theory of Painting. I am beyong excited and blessed for this opportunity, make sure you follow my adventures on here and on Snapchat/Instagram!

~x~ besos ~x~

Perrier // III Points, Hai-leen, + Me: The MUSE Directive + PRIIISM


This year, like every year, III Points was teeming with talent, creativity, and good vibes. A III Points veteran, The MUSE Directive is a group of savvy young designers, architects, and fabricators out of Miami who were the brains behind PRIIISM, the mathematical array of octagonal huts and gargantuan pyramids located in the heart of this year’s venue. The MUSE Directive is lead by architect graduate Stephen Shaw and graphic designer Andre Rosquete, two individuals with drive and passion whose combined skills brought life to these creative environments. I am so proud of everything that they have accomplished and there is no better feeling than building something beautiful with people you love. To have been apart of III Points alongside them the past three years and truly see how far they have, it gives me butterflies to think about where we are going to go....

Read my full piece on the Perrier website, located here.

Perrier // III Points, Hai-leen, + Me: Jason Boogie AKA VJ AV8


Another incredibly talented Miami native and magical soul, Jason “Boogie” Peterman, took III Points by storm this year. Jason started out as a DJ on The Womb Internet radio station some 15 years ago, and has transcended into a self-taught animator and 3D projection artist. He is a resident video jockey for Bardot, Krisp, Nightdrive Miami, and an original III Points artist and he’s given visuals to the sounds of over 300 artists. He, like every other III Points artist, has a magnetic energy that seems to synchronize everyone’s work and make the festival come alive each year. He’s also a great dancer.


Perrier // III Points, Hai-leen, + Me


Excited to announce that I'm officially a creative influence for Perrier! Here are my first three pieces for them, a recap of III Points Music, Art + Tech Festival through the eyes of yours truly. Enjoi ^_^

Check out my words of wisdom aquí.

Getting HAI with all my Friends // Lori’s Braid Bar


Lori Diaz is a dear friend of mine with an electric soul. She is the creator of Lori's Braid Bar and I can not thank her enough for getting HAI with me. She donated her time and talent to give festival goers beautiful and decorated braids in the Harajuku Makeup room, but more importantly brought an undeniable energy that lit up the entire installation. She is such a dedicated and commited individual, easy going and fun; I was so lucky to have her as a part of my team. Her work was flawless and quick and was such a key aspect to the installation, thank you so much Lori, you beautiful bitch!

Getting HAI with all my Friends // @poorgrrl


Another artist who was performing at III Points also joined me in my Game Show room to get HAI. @poorgrrl kept it weird all night on Friday, rolling and joints and educating festival goers on how to keep the HAI. It was so much fun to get weird with her under the neon lights, and I thank her endlessly for her participation and getting HAI with me. 


Getting HAI with all my Friends // Style Mafia


The Style Mafia team came in by storm, taking over the Game Show room with games, prizes, and good vibes. Their seductive performances added yet another interactive element to the entire installation, involving festival goers and my staff in the fun. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their participation, hard work, and for helping to make Haileen all that it was. To future endeavours!

Getting HAI with all my Friends // Jay Shogo


Thank you so much, Jay Shogo, for creating the DOPE event stickers that everyone loved. They captured the essence of Haileen so well and really accurately portrayed what the installation was all about. Stay HAI, Jay!

Getting HAI with all my Friends // Otto Van Schirach


Otto was not only playing at III Points, but he was also a performance artist on day two in the Game Show room. He and his assistant danced throughout the room and preached about the Church of the Bermuda Triangle, anointing festival goers with the powers of the coconut and reading their energy with massive crystals. I want to thank him for his good vibes and enlightening performance Saturday night, and for being a friend that keeps me HAI.

Getting HAI with all my Friends // Bulldog Neon


A huge huge HUgE thank you Bulldog and his dudes at the Miami Sign Shop, most importantly for being a friend but for the donation of your time and beautiful creations. The spinning orb of light and color and hung like a beacon in the Game Show room throughout III Points was a product of the hard work and talent of Miami Sign Shop. Like the eys, this cosmic wonder became an iconic masterpiece by the end of the weekend, for the installation and the festival. Bulldog also donated the LUST sign and a print from his personal collection for the Redlight District room, adding seductive and mischevious energy as you exited the installation. Thank you again for everything, and for getting HAI with me, baby.

Getting HAI with all my Friends // Loamis


Loamis and I collaborated on the beautiful prints that hung on the walls of the Harajuku Makeup room. We got together, put emojis all over my face and body, and just vibed off each other. I am so happy and also so proud of how this project came out. His editing just added this extra trippy element that went beautifully with the theme of the room and the installation as a whole. I want to thank him so much for participating and getting weird with me, as well as helping during production week. A great friend and talented artist, thank you Loamis!

Getting HAI with all my Friends // GG artwork


Another dear friend and magical soul, GG Gimenez, painted the beautiful mural that decorated the walls of my Psychadelic Bonsai room. His work has shown in local, national and international art fairs, special events and galleries and I am so happy to have collaborated with such a talented artist and good friend. Setting the backdrop for the introductory portion, his captivating work was a crucial aspect to my cosmic garden. A HuGE thank you to him for just being GG and for always getting HAI with me.

Getting HAI with all my Friends // TBOT


Another thank you goes out to video jockey and now good friend, Tbot Simons. Tbot is the visual mastermind for Electro/Visual Revolution, and is just an all around badass. He not only created the video mapping for the psychadelic river that ran through the first room of the installation but was also the genius behind the now-iconic eyes that were projected on to the front of the installation. Those eyes were seen and remembered by everyone who passed my installation, and added an element of appeal to both the installation and the festival as a whole. I want to thank him again for his passion, creativity, and friendship, and for getting HAI with me, of course. 

Getting HAI with all my Friends // Danny Santiago


I am still feeling so thankful and so blessed that I have so many beautiful souls in my life that got to come get HAI with me this year at III Points. Danny Santiago, stylist extraordinaire and close friend, thank you so much for letting me raid your closet. Access to his wardrobe helped me compliment and melt into my installation, and allowed for another aesthetic element to it as a whole. His collection is incredible and diverse and truly a work of art, thank you a thousand times, Danny!

artist feature: Camila Álvarez & Andrew Antonaccio // Topological Studies - Portal W5-2


*Topological Studies - Portal W5-2* is Camila Álvarez’s and Andrew Antonaccio’s first collaboration as R 1 7 H U B. United by their mutual interest in cosmic phenomena and discoveries that question our understanding of space, place, and reality, the duo explores the underlying battle between nature and economic growth.Camila is the founder of R 1 7 H U B and the producer/co-director of the award-winning documentary Right to Wynwood. Andrew is one half of 2Alas, the urban art duo known for their black and white linear portraits and colored geometric abstractions. R 1 7 H U B is a Miami-based collective of artists, designers, musicians, and writers. It's an incubator for creative dialogue directed towards the conception of innovative, cross platform, multimedia installations.

This duo was the mastermind behind the wormhole at the entrance of III Points Music, Art, + Tech Festival this year. When I asked them about the idea and how everything went, they stated,

"The original idea was to project a video we made of the ocean onto the white wall on the wormhole entrance, but it didn't come out as we expected because there were too many lights on around the bridge area that made the projection very washed out and bright... We lost the texture and crispness of the water, and we were very sad about it. On Saturday I had a dream in which I saw some people tagging the wall, and when I woke up on Sunday morning I called Juan and he helped us with tagging wall on the third day of the festival. We left about 8 cans of spray paint on the floor and festival goers finished tagging it. It was cool to see the interaction!"

physical age: 27

mental age: around 777

where you from: Colombia where you going: around the

world building wormholes and cool stuff, maybe we can do one in Mars soon as well.

where ya been: what comes to my mind right now: the one and only Berlin; Chacraseca in Nicaragua; deep in the caribbean ocean when I went scuba diving many years ago in Isla Fuerte, Colombia and flying around the cosmos with a beautiful golden lion on my first LSD trip.

favorite color: gray

one word that describes our friendship: proalien

look deep into my makeup bag…. writing for haute living


Had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Haute Living to bring you guys my must-have products for this fall:

Picking up the the right beauty products can be hit-or-miss. If you want a list of all-stars, just look to the professionals and their go-to products.  Miami-based artist and creative director Aileen Quintana gives a peek into her makeup bag and shares some of her favorite products to keep you as chic and sultry as the Miami nightlife this fall.

1. TEMPTU Air Custom Essentials Kit: Looking flawless does not have to take time. I actually just received this product in the mail and I’m amazed. You don’t have to be a professional, the pods are easy to use and interchange and they come in tons of shades of blush, foundation, and highlights.

2. Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid-to-Matte lipstick in Jinx: Fall is the best time for dark lipstick, and you need one that won’t smudge on the dance floor. This baby stays on all night and looks great underneath a disco ball.

3. Lucas Papaw ointment: No matter where you live or what season it is, moisturizing is essential to soft, young skin. Made with pure papaya, this little jar of magic is just the trick to get your skin glowing and it’s the perfect companion for anyone on the go.

4. Tory Burch bronzer/blush: Just because winter is approaching does not give a girl an excuse to look washed out.  Having blush and bronzer in one makes touch ups on the run a breeze and it comes in a variety of shades.

5. Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré: This baby works miracles in less than 24 hours. A moisturizer that primes, hydrates, and removes all traces of makeup, it nourishes and protects the skin all in one. The less time that you have to spend on moisturizing, the more time you can spend getting your electric boogey on.

6. Marc Jacobs BeautyHighliner Gel Eye Crayon: Black eyeliner is one of my staples when putting together a going out look, and this one does wonders. The gel is waterproof, so it goes on smoothly and with ease, but it stays and maintains pigmentation. Less touch-ups = more dancing.

7. Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s famous elixir of youth, I use this product for everything. I spray it on my staff during production (they love it), when you need a quick burst of hydration on the go, or as a setting tool after I finish applying my make up. I have it with me always, and it smells amazing.

III POINTS: dream team


A quick shot of me and my assistant on the final day of the festival.... we get weird baby xoxo

Happy birthday haileen!


My parents know how to get HAIII! Since my birthday kicked off production week for III Points, they had my cake decorated with my installation's name, Haileen :')

birthday bananza


With all things III Points, I was never able to post anything on my birthday (October 4 bitchezzzz) but that doesn't mean we didn't find time to party! It was the opening weekend of El Tucán in Brickell, and as an event threw me a birthday party, complete with a 16-piece band and full show. The vibes were mysterious and seductive, the costumes were grand, and the tequila was smooth; there was an old-Havana energy to the whole place. The costumes were grand, the vibes were mysterious and seductive, and the tequila was smooth.  8-)

Trillionaire Mag



‪#‎makeup‬ by ‪#‎makeupbyaileen‬ using @temptu ...

shot by @monterio_ubeda

hair by @danielphairandmakeup ..‪

Poppin’ Perrier


Ending a long day at the studio with dinner with great company...Four course vegan meal and soul-enriching convo... Thanks Perrier USA


productionsbyAileen // trillionaire: olé, olé!


I had the pleasure of being the key artist for Trillionaire's cover recently; it was shot at the Villa Miami Beach + I used Temptu to help achieve the matador-influenced look.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

Swim Week 2015 // Dijana Swim


all gold everything, baby

Swim Week 2015 // Dijana Swim


I had the pleasure of building this beautiful installation for the line debut of Dijana Swim, which was used as the backdrop for the line's lookbook. Building it from the ground up as well as producing the entire fashion show as well was both exhilirating and intense. I loved every second of it.

Just your average Japanese television movie star


!!!! Click the link below and get weird with me !!!!

ヽ( ★ω★)ノ kawaii Aileen ヽ( ★ω★)ノ


BPM Festival 2015


Being a bubble mermaid and feelin' carefree during the BPM Festival in Playa de Carman, México 

Photo by: fest300 

Green ‘n’ Groovy at the Electric Pickle


Keep the twirl

Look at the lights

Trying to get a glimpse of myself in you girl

~~~ Shining bright ~~~

Light up in the sky

Look at me // Look at me

Let it twirl girl // Keep the twirl

Let's make it one of those nights

thats exactly what I need now, girl


& we'll forever be high

Look at you // Look at you

On Set: Pitbull’s “Fireball”  ft. John Ryan


director : David Rousseau 

hair // make up : Aileen Quintana [using Temptu and Living Proof]

Behind the Scenes with Mr. 305


directed by David Roussu  

**~ T r o p i c a l O a s i s ~**


check out of new FUN GIFS my little aliens <3

Behind the Scenes // Minimale Animal


check out the full video for all the behind the scenes footage with Minimale Animal 

aol.com x Maaji Swimwear


thank you AOL.com for the great interview on the Maaji Swimweek SS15 with Temptu 





thanks for the lovely write up on the makeup on style.com using TEMPTU 


for the full article read :




Great new editorail 


Photographer : David Bennoliel 

stylist : Danny Santiago 

hair/makeup : Aileen Quintana 

nail tech : Gena del Portillo 

check out the full story ....


Prime Ministers “take it back ”


working on set with "Prime Ministers"

dirctor : Ruben Martin 

makeup /hair Aileen Quintana , Khadine Ali

Stylist : Rachael Russell 

Reykon ” secretos ” music video


makeup and hair : #makeupbyaileen 

CMT’s Party down south season 2 promo


going to work with these crazy kids on a promo video for CMT 

director : David Rousseau 

makeup/hair #makeupbyaileen

the Coveteur X The Webster X makeupbyaileen


working with the lovely LAURE HERIARD DUBREUIL

for her write up on The Coveteur 

check out the rest of the interview http://www.thecoveteur.com/laure-heriard-dubreuil/

cinco de happy


soho house fun

The Coveteur X The Webster


makeup by #makeupbyaileen  for the lovely Lorie 

Temptu X Makeupbyaileen


thank you for the blast page temptu.com 



photo by @ Nicolas Stipcianos



photo @ camilo Rios 

styling @ Juan Camacho 

mua/hair @makeupbyaileen

Miami International Film Festival 2014


Was lucky that i was able to have some fun and make this lil small clip ... 

Thank you Papi Underwear for having me for the Shorts 

Creative Director / Producer : Aileen Quintana 

Book Cover for : Dave Zinczenko


publish : Random House 

vogue Mexico y Latam


photographer : Alexandre Numan 

makeup/ grooming : Aileen Quintana 

Vogue Mexico y Latam


photographer : Alexandre Numan 

makeup / grooming : Aileen Quintana

Vogue Mexico y Latam


Photographer : ALexandre Numan 

makeup : Aileen Quintana 

BucketFeet ss’14


speacil thanks to :

Andres Hernandez photography

Model Agent at Elite Model Management 

hair and makeup Aileen Quintana
styling by Rachel Russell 

test test


photo by : patrick Postal 

makeup by aileen using temptu



Photo : Nicolas Stipcianos
makeup : Aileen Quintana @ temptu
hair : Michael Beltran Cohen @moroccanoil
model : Kristina @wilhelmina miami 

** Kristina **


Photo : Nicolas Stipcianos

makeup : Aileen Quintana @ temptu

hair : Michael Beltran Cohen @moroccanoil

model : Kristina @wilhelmina miami 

Makeupbyaileen X Racked


thank you Racked for your pick on essentinal makeup artist of miami 

for the full article please read here :


metro1 properties


advertising for Metro1

styling : Racheal Russell
photographer : Laura coppelman
producer : Yossi
hair and makeup: Aileen Quintana 

Metro1 properties


advertising for Metro1 

styling : Racheal Russell 

photographer : Laura coppelman

producer : Yossi

hair and makeup: Aileen Quintana 



thank you bib & tuck for the great interview


read it here in ful:l https://www.bibandtuck.com/users/aileen-quintana/featured